Coronavirus: Govt upscales screening procedures

By ZBC Reporter
THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has moved in to ensure adequate training of all agencies at the Plumtree border post to detect any possible cases of the corona-virus as the country upscales screening procedures.
Health and Child Care minister Dr Obadiah Moyo says there is no room for complacency as the country is putting in place all the necessary measures at one of the busiest border posts in the Southern part of the country.
INFORMATION, Publicity and Broadcasting Services minister, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa on Tuesday said a total of 506 people are being monitored for suspected novel coronavirus in the country, although to date there is no recorded or confirmed case.
Health & Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo said the country is well equipped to deal with the monitoring and controlling of infections at all its ports of entry including all border posts and airports.
The minister also recently visited RGM and Victoria Falls International airport to assess the screening procedures.
The minister also revealed that a local mining firm, MIMOSA offered to donate more latest equipment for all the country’s ports of entry and airports such as the latest thermos-detector.
He also said they have prepared isolation units at Wilkins and Beatrice Infectious Hospitals in Harare for those travelling from suspected countries should there need to quarantine them.
Meanwhile, in China the death toll for the coronavirus has risen to over 700 and the disease has spread to 27 other countries.