Construction of Museum of African Liberation begins

By Admire Huni

Construction of the Museum of African Liberation has started following successful resource mobilisation and approval of the design.

Earth moving equipment is opening access roads to the site, signaling the beginning of construction work with the custodians of the project, the Institute of African Knowledge (INSTAK), confirming the latest development.

“This follows the historic groundbreaking ceremony for the project by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year and his approval of the design for Museum of African Liberation of course. As you can see, earth moving equipment is already opening access roads to allow for the easy transportation and movement of all the necessary construction equipment to the site,” said INSTAK Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Kwame. T. Muzawazi. 

Ambassador Muzawazi added that the design for the Pan-African structure has been made public and will be accessible on various media platforms.

The Museum of African Liberation is expected to be complete in 18 months and will go a long way in documenting, preserving and protecting the history of African liberation struggles as well as celebrating the continent’s achievements.