Construction of Gwanda Magistrate’s Court resumes

The construction the Gwanda Magistrate’s Court has resumed after government through treasury release over $8 million for the project which had been abandoned as well as the construction of a home economics block at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic.
Construction of the Gwanda court had been suspended over 10 years ago due to lack of funding resulting in the displacement of court officials as they were scattered around the town and working from cramped spaces
Government has released funds to expedite the completion of the first phase of the Gwanda magistrates complex in a bid to alleviate the situation as the facility will accommodate approximately 500 government workers once it is complete.
Matabeleland South provincial public works director, Sijabuliso Ncube, said the funds that were disbursed to the Judicial services commission (JSC ) have been used to source building material to complete work under the first phase early next year.
“We have three phases of the project which we intend to complete by the first quarter of 2020,” he said.
“We are hoping to create more space for government officials and we hope in the coming year we will get more funds to complete phase two and three so that come year-end we will be commissioning the project.”
During his recent visit to Gwanda, Chief Justice Luke Malaba expressed optimism that the government would avail additional funding in 2020 for the completion of the project for the provincial capital to have a proper Magistrate’s Court.
At the same time, construction of the home economics block at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo polytechnic has resumed following the release of funding, some of which was allocated to the institution of higher learning.
The acting Principal of the college, Concellia Mswela said the completion of the complex will go a long way in easing challenges of classroom space which the college is facing.
“ We are very grateful to the government for availing funds for the home economic complex. We are currently experiencing shortages with space for our students. so we hope that once the complex is complete that will be a thing of the past “ she said
Once completed the college plans to embark on income-generating projects in culinary, food Science and Fashion design.