Constitution awareness campaigns resume after two years

By Kenias Chivuzhe

Awareness campaigns to promote constitutionalism which were suspended two years ago due to Covid-19 have resumed with an advocacy meeting being held in Mutasa district this Wednesday.

The adoption of the new constitution in May 2013 made it mandatory for the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs to hold awareness campaigns on the constitution but the process was stalled by Covid-19 two years ago.

The Ministry descended on Mutasa district this Wednesday, with the local community appreciative of the opportunity.

“We are happy for being educated on the constitution and the rights enshrined in it,” a traditional leader said.

Another said: “Before this outreach we lacked understanding of our rights to deal with gender-based violence and abuse by men.”

“The traditional leadership now vets those married at a tender age. We happy to be taught about our laws,” noted another.

“The issue of child marriages and GBV are bad and we are happy that the constitution out laws such vices. We will teach our people on the country’s laws,” another leader commented.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Mrs Virginia Mabhiza revealed plans to hold more meetings in rural communities as part of the grant strategy to promote constitutionalism in the country.

“We are here in Mutasa district on a constitutional outreach programme. We are obliged in terms of the constitution to promote understanding of the constitution. Today is our first out reach after the out break of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our strategy is to go to rural communities as in the past we were targeting towns and provincial capitals,” she said.

Constitutional outreach programmes are key in promoting respect for the supreme law of the land and to ensure citizens are aware of their rights enshrined in the constitution.

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