Congolese in court for possession of gold and diamonds

By ZBC Reporter
A DEMOCRATIC Republic of Congo (DRC) national has been arrested after being found in possession of diamonds and gold at Forbes border Post in Mutare.
29-year-old Vany Mukana Guylain has since appeared in court and charged with possession or dealing in precious stones without a license. He was remanded in custody to the 1st of next month.
The State alleges that on the 24th of this month, an alert police officer approached Guylain’s Volvo haulage truck at the Forbes border and the with the aid of a sniffer dog recovered diamonds and gold wrapped in two separate plastics in the driver’s tool box compartment.
Upon being quizzed, the accused stated that he was taking the precious stones to Mozambique but failed to produce a license for the possession of the minerals which led to his arrest.