Compilation of liberation museum artefacts underway

By John Nhandara

Compilation of Artefacts for the Museum of African liberation is underway with a Zimbabwean delegation now in Tanzania as part of regional engagements to gather artefacts for the museum.

Zimbabwe has started the process of engaging regional and international communities in the compilation of artefacts for the museum of African liberation.

Briefing the media on the sidelines of an appreciation visit to the museum’s site by the Zambian parliamentary portfolio committee on transport, works and Supply, INSTAK chief executive officer, Ambassador Kwame Muzavazi said construction of the museum is underway while compilation of the artefacts has also started.

“The contractor is now done with earthworks, and we are at twelve percent. We have also started compiling artefacts and we are leaving for Tanzania after having been to Mozambique in the compilation of artefacts,” said Ambassador Muzavazi.

The Zimbabwean project has caught the attention of a Zambian parliamentarian and Author Honourable Sunday Chanda, who is writing a book on Pan Africanism.

Honourable Chanda said a book which he is penning on Pan Africanism will be incomplete without the Zimbabwe story.

“I never expected to see these kinds of works to tell an African story. I am writing a book on pan Africanism and the Zimbabwean story is inspiring. I will put it into writing because I believe an African story is better told by its people Africans.”

The liberation museum aims at unpacking Zimbabwe and Africa’s liberation struggle as well as the rich heritage.