Commuting public bemoan harassment by touts

By Wellington Makonese

THE commuting public has been left at the mercy of marauding touts who have become a law unto themselves at some undesignated pickup and drop off points in Harare.

Rogue rank marshals or touts are back on the streets of Harare and their presence has been felt but not without causing chaos.

Social media clips have also shown the worst side of touting as an elderly woman is seen being harassed in the tussle for passengers.

A snap survey around the central business district confirmed the worst with the commuting public expressing anger over touting activities.

“These touts are unnecessary we don’t need them, they harass and confuse us. at one point I had my hand back damaged.”

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has in the past launched an operation to weed out touts and pirate taxis that use illegal pick up points but they resurface as soon as the police disappear.