Community teams up to construct clinic

By ZBC Reporter

The Zambezi River Authority and the Musambakaruma community of Nyami-Nyami have teamed up to construct a modern clinic in the Chidyamugwamu area, in a development expected to improve access to health care.

Unlike most clinics in remote parts of the country which offer basic health care, Chidyamugwamu treatment centre will be offering more.

Construction of the health facility which will have male and female medical wards as well as a maternity wing has resumed after being halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nyami-nyami Rural District Council ward 9 Councilor Fastino Mawadze said while the Zambezi River Authority is providing the bulk of the resources, the community is chipping in by mobilising locally available resources including labour.

We are happy with the clinic. We want to thank HE President Mnangagwa for allowing ZARA to implement the project. Covid-19 halted progress as the clinic was supposed to be complete by now. We have since resumed. The community is helping with locally available material,he said.

The Minister of State for Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Honourable Mary Mliswa who was on a tour of projects under the armpit of Nyaminyami Rural District Council said the project is an indication of the benefits of public private partnerships.

This project will transform people’s lives. You no longer have to walk long distances for healthcare. The maternity, male and female wards will deal with worse cases. This is an indication that government works hands in gloves with partners (ZARA) now you have sit down (as council) and make resolutions on devolution funds projects,she noted.

Other projects including the construction of schools are also underway in Nyaminyami area where the aim is to improve infrastructure in line with developments in other areas.