‘Community Information Centres strategic in fight against Covid-19’

By Luckmore Safuli

Zimbabweans have been urged to utilise Community Information Centres to access relevant information on Covid-19 as the country seeks to harness technology in the fight against the pandemic.

The 146 Community Information Centres that have been launched across the country’s 10 provinces are being viewed as strategic in the fight against the deadly global pandemic.

In a speech read on his behalf during the launch of the Hwange Community Information Centre, POTRAZ Director-General Dr Gift Machengete said citizens should also make use of the centres to circumvent the negative effects of Covid-19.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Community Information Centres are strategic in the fight against COVID – 19 as they give communities access to accurate information about the deadly Corona Virus – how to avoid contracting it and what to do when one is infected.”

Deputy Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Hon Dingumuzi Phuthi challenged the Hwange community to identify local content that can be digitised and made available through the internet.

“The need for the development of local content using local languages and dialects, cannot, therefore, be overemphasised if CICs are to make the desired impact among the communities in which they are deployed.”

Matebeleland North Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Cde Richard Moyo expressed confidence the centre will enhance equitable access to information.

“At the click of a button, our community can now get the latest information not only about the virus but also about other important issues real-time.”

Hwange Community Information Centre is one of the one hundred and forty-six (146) Community Information Centres established in the country’s ten provinces.

To date, one hundred and fourteen of these Community Information Centres are already operational, with fourteen of them providing free training in the use of computers to members of the community.