Commercial farmers commit to work with govt

By ZBC Reporter
THE Commercial Farmers Union has expressed commitment to increasing production in the agricultural sector so that the government’s food security programme is successful.
This came out during Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga’s visit to Kanyemba this Friday.
Government’s drive to fast-track agriculture development has gained traction with commercial farmers in full support of the initiative.
President of the Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe, Andrew John Pascoe expressed optimism on the compensation agreement which he says will trigger investment in the agriculture sector.
”After so many years of conflict we have turned and are now working together, where there is unity there is strength. This is a huge turning point and the agreement and the process that led to the payment and re-engagement with the west is a demonstration that Zimbabweans are working together we choosing to put behind the past probably the first time in history that we are working together and make Zimbabwe great. we have all the natural resources there is vast resources, skills and we are going see a huge transformation,” he said.
ARDA Mushumbi Pools shareholder, Mr John Dollar and Agrico Co-director Mr Paul Kruger expressed commitment to developing agriculture in Kanyemba.
”We have identified the potential of this beautiful place, the climate, water, soils and it’s now up to us to work together and develop it. As ARDA Mashumbi we have done a lot of research and would like to combine with the expertise in energy. We are excited to help in any way we can and develop this agriculture potential,” said Dollar.
”We want to explain that at the moment we are having a look at this place to understand the potential of this area and harness it to come with a plan to make this place viable,” said Kruger.
Vice President Chiwenga, who was in Kanyemba to assess development projects, said government’s vision is to transform Kanyemba into an agro-based area.
”In order to increase the area under irrigation in Kanyemba the government of Zimbabwe is looking for potential investments that can fully develop the irrigation infrastructure and provide techno-savvy mechanisation as well as other related supplies of technical nature. The investment will target the development of an additional 100 000 ha under different irrigation systems. The proposal is to have an irrigation project that is fully founded on a meticulous business idea so that the area is developed into a green belt. We will therefore prioritise key crops that promote the development of an agro based industry in Kanyemba,” said the Vice President.
Commendable progress has been made in Kanyemba with infrastructure for the connection of electricity from Luangwa to Kanyemba now in place.
Vice President Chiwenga was accompanied by ministers July Moyo, Sekai Nzenza, Magna Mudyiwa and Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement Permanent Secretary, Dr John Bhasera.