Climate change singled out as the biggest health threat facing humanity

By Abigirl Tembo, Health Editor

A recent report by the World Health Organisation has singled out climate change as the biggest health threat facing humanity, with an estimated 13 million deaths across the globe every year due to avoidable environmental causes.

This came out during commemorations to mark the World Health Day in Harare this Friday.

In the midst of a pandemic, natural disasters, a polluted planet, increasing diseases such as cancer, asthma and heart diseases, stakeholders from government, United Nations, civil society and Cyclone Idai survivors met this Friday to map the way forward on how to mitigate the effects of climate change on the health and well-being of societies.

“I suffered a lot because of Cyclone Idai, I lost my family and all my belongings and in turn suffered a mental breakdown, explained a Cyclone Idai survivor.

Guest of Honour at the event Chief Director Public Health in the Ministry of Health and Child Care Dr Munyaradzi Dhobbie called for concerted efforts in the fight against climate change.

“We need to raise awareness on the impact of climate change on our health. It is important to note that the decisions we make everyday have an impact on our health and well being. The effects of Cyclone Idai are still being felt 3 years latter. I call upon industry, civil society organisations, men and women to work with the government to actively participate in taking action against all activities that destroy our planet. An unhealthy planet has negative implications on our health,” he said.

World Health Day is commemorated annually on the 7th of April to raise awareness on health issues that concern people across the world.