Climate Change Dialogue Important

By ZBC Reporter
THE government has revealed a strategy to ensure the dissemination of climate information to encourage participation from all sections of society.
The world has experienced droughts, cyclones, extinction of some species and extreme weather changes.
The primary cause of these phenomena is climate change, hence revelations by the Director Climate Change Management in the Ministry Of Environment, Climate, Tourism And Hospitality Industry, Washington Zhakata this Friday that government is working on a communication strategy to ensure climate change issues receive the attention they deserve.
“The ministry has just developed a communication strategy that will see us dialoguing more with stakeholders on the impacts of climate change sometimes are even higher because of lack of information or lack of awareness so the dialogue is very critical,” said Zhakata.
Parliamentarians and youths concur that they need to lead discussions and mitigation efforts against climate changes.
“It is the legislators who pass budgets, so if we don’t know what to pass and what is critical we may bypass the climate change issue, so take legislators on board and tell us what is needed on the state budget and we rally behind you so that funds are made available towards climate change,” said legislator Concilia Chinanzvavana.
“It is the responsibility of the government to nurture and guide the young people on what climate negotiations are, the topics that are important that affect Africa and Zimbabwe,” said Elizabeth Gulugulu from African Youth Initiative on Climate Change
There have been growing calls for continuous climate change dialogue and not only when Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet, usually around December.