Civil society, opposition political parties exposed

By Bruce Chahwanda 

Political Editor

OPPOSITION political activists and the country’s detractors have been exposed for trying to portray the country in bad light ahead of the visit by the United Nations Special Rapporteur to assess the impact of the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The impending visit by the UN Special Rapporteur, Alena Douhan to engage various stakeholders over the impact of illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West has seen the usual negative forces springing to action.

The script, the actors and the modus operandi remain the same. 

Despite their monumental failure in the past, it is the same old story with civil society and opposition political parties at the centre of the theatrics. 

Human rights activist, Abigaile Mupambi has no kind words for those who are still stuck in the past and their retrogressive antics. 

“UN special rapporteur is visiting Zim from October 18 to 28. As usual rehearsals and preparations of fake abductions, state provocation & negative smear campaign against Zim are now at an advanced stage. The alleged machinations by the named characters are currently being planned at a hideout in Nyanga. Cashvists are currently in lnyanga on the very agenda. Zimbabwe is not new to the scourge of fake abductions, especially every time the nation goes into a diplomatic mission,” said Abigaile Mupambi a Human Rights Activist.

Political analyst, Mr Takudzwa Gambiza concurred saying it is the same old script whose ultimate objective is to put the country in bad light ahead of key events.

“Whenever there is a relook, revisit on the impact of sanctions on Zimbabwe, we have seen a lot of shenanigans by the civil society and opposition political parties. They dramatise in whatever form to ensure that their pockets are funded at the expense of the country’s image. It is not a new thing, they will continue doing this until the President returns from the United Kingdom for Cop24,” said Takudzwa Gambiza, a Political Analyst.

Dr Tawanda Zinyama said it is unfortunate that civil society and opposition political parties are seeking relevance through tarnishing the image of the country.

“They have nothing to offer to the people because the Second Republic is addressing people’s needs, so they can only sell Zimbabwe for few pieces of silver. This has been their tradition especially when international events are lined up,” said Dr Tawanda Zinyama a Political Analyst.

Zimbabwe has been under sanctions for the past two decades with the illegal embargo slowing down the country’s economic progress. 

However, the UN Special Rapporteur’s visit also confirms that the world body’s attention has been drawn to the negative impact of the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

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