Civil Servants healthcare services set to improve

By Memory Chamisa

GOVERNMENT has moved in to bring sanity and capacitate the Premier Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and enhance service delivery for the benefit of civil servants.

The medical service provider recently made headlines for failing to effectively deliver its mandate and government has moved in to restore order.

Public Service Commission Secretary, Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe this Thursday reiterated government’s commitment to capacitating the health care provider.

“PSMAS and PSMI are entities that have in the past provided healthcare services for civil servants, in ensuring that they continue to that the government has moved in to ensure they are capacitated to pay service providers by funding the existing gaps. The situation is set to change and respect for PSMAS card holders and is going to be restored as we want our civil force to access health services without any hindrances,” he said.

Pharmacies that had become showrooms will soon be filled, while government will now contribute 80 percent on civil servants’ medical service premiums.

“Financial support is also going to be given to PSMAS to ensure pharmacies have drugs and procurement process is smooth and easy and also that they can access them at other service providers using the PSMAS card. Government will also now pay 80% of civil servants, he added.

The development confirms that government is walking the talk in insuring civil servants are cushioned through various monetary and non-monetary benefits.