Civil registry mobile registration huge relief

By Providence Maraneli

THE ongoing civil registry mobile registration exercise has brought relief to rural communities in Gwanda South where people were struggling to acquire important national documents.

It is Thursday morning at Ntepe Primary School in Gwanda South and Gogo Salamina Sibanda walks in to try her luck once again.

She says she has been trying to acquire a birth certificate for her 10-year-old granddaughter, whom she has been looking after since her mother disappeared in 2011 when she was barely three months old.

Gogo Sibanda says she had travelled to as far as Gwanda, but it was in vain as officials at the Civil Registry could only issue the birth certificate to the mother of the child.

But thanks to the Second Republic’s mantra of leaving no one and no place behind, Gogo Sibanda has acquired her granddaughter’s birth certificate after the waiver of basic requirements.

“My daughter left her three-months-old baby and I have not seen her since. Her daughter is now in grade 4 and the teachers wanted her birth certificate so that she can be registered with the school, but I couldn’t get her one because I am not her mother. So today I came to try my luck and I am so happy that they have given me. I now can sleep,” said Gogo Salamina Sibanda.

Several villagers expressed gratitude for the programme saying, “Some of our children did not have births and IDs because Gwanda is very far and we don’t have the bus fare. We are grateful.

“It is difficult as a mother of child without those documents, teachers won’t take you serious.”

A student said, “I am happy that I now have an ID. I can now partake in national programmes like voting and other things. I would like to thank the government for this program it has helped us.”

The latest development has excited community leaders who are appreciative of government’s determination to address the plight of rural communities.

“We are so happy, some people in these areas don’t have documents because it is far to the places we get them and the requirements would also make it difficult, but we thank our government for this exercise,” said Innocent Sibanda, a village head.

The Civil Registry Mobile Registration Exercise started on the 1st of April and will end on the 30th of September.