City of Harare takes longer to restore water supplies

By Wellington Makonese
RESIDENTS of Harare, who have gone for days without water, have called on city fathers to device a response mechanism to avert health disasters.
Residential areas in Harare such as Warren Park and Braeside, have gone for days without water despite an earlier promise that normal supplies would have been restored last Sunday.
Residents believe local authorities should come up with a viable alternative and response strategy as some of them are now being forced to purchase the precious liquid at water kiosks.
“To some of us here water has been gone for a week before they announced and we still facing the same challenge today,” said one resident.
“The situation is dire and some of us have children they don’t understand when to use toilets and when not to, so the authorities should plan in advance before this turns into a health disaster,” said another resident.
Efforts to get a comment from the city council spokesperson were futile but in a statement the local authority indicated that they have since rectified the challenge at one of the sources which was causing delays in pumping water.
Last Friday, the local authority announced that it was shutting down Morton Jeffrey Water Works to pave way for routine maintenance.
Government has placed priority on construction of Kunzvi dam to ease Harare’s water challenges while boreholes are being sunk in some areas under the Presidential Boreholes Scheme.