City fathers rile residents over dodging service delivery

By Wellington Makonese

HARARE residents have blasted the local authority for putting more energy on revenue collection, while failing to provide corresponding services.

This comes as the Harare City Council effected a 400 percent hike on rates.

Residents no longer remember the last time council has attended to roads, whose conditions continue to deteriorate by each day.

From Dzivarasekwa to Highfield and many other suburbs, the situation is dire and residents are worried that council seems to have forgotten its mandate.

A Highfield resident said, “We are tired of this situation. Potholes are affecting our vehicles daily, especially here in Highfield.”

“They have been coming and placing gravel, but doing nothing at all. Drainages here in Highfield are blocking the passage of water causing flooding,” noted another.

It is not just the roads situation, but also unavailability of water, uncollected garbage and constantly bursting sewer pipes that the residents have to bear with on a daily basis.

Said another resident: “We spend more than a week without water sewer overflow it’s a daily thing council has really failed us.”

The Zimbabwe National Organisation of Associations and Residents Trust believes it high time central government step in.

Said Shalvar Chikomba, the organisation’s chairman: “They have failed. Waste is not collected, potholes… Council is not doing anything and we feel we are not being faithfully represented. We have been writing to council to engage for a lasting solution without results. Maybe if the government systems would reign them in to rescue the situation. The President has done this to housing before. It’s for all to see, we are going backwards.”