Church commends Second Republic for improving livelihoods

By Gay Matambo

Relations between the ruling party and the church continue to be strengthened, with the Johane Masowe EChishanu Palm Tree Church led by Madzibaba Tyrage pledging to rally behind the ruling party ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections.

This Saturday saw members of the ZANU PF Masvingo Provincial leadership attending the Johane Masowe EChishanu Palm Tree Church Holy Communion conference at Palm Tree Church Shrine in Chiredzi.

The ruling party’s Masvingo Provincial leadership reiterated the importance of a symbiotic relationship between the revolutionary party and the church.

“We are now living in the new dispensation and the New Dispensation is ensuring that no one should be left behind in terms of development. That is why we are building a relationship with the church because President Emmerson Mnangagwa says no one should be left behind,” ZANU PF Chiredzi District Coordinating Committee chairman, Cde Siyaki Mundungehama said.

The legislator for Chiredzi West Constituency, Honourable Farai Musikavanhu said “We are encouraging congregants to register to vote. Our development agenda as a nation can only be achieved if we all register to vote and vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa.”

Cde Robson Mavenyengwa, the ZANU PF Masvingo Provincial Chairman said, “As a party we are going to ensure that church members benefit from all the developmental projects that government is rolling out. We have the Presidential Input Scheme, the recently launched Poultry Scheme and many others. We will also work towards addressing all the challenges you have mentioned to us.”

Leader of the Johane Masowe EChishanu Palm Tree Church, Madzibaba Tyrage assured the ruling party of the church’s unwavering support.

“We are all seeing what the Second Republic is doing. The development is all over, for instance, the Harare-Beitbridge road and we are saying we fully support our President, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa and we fully support the ruling party. We will continue to do so as a church,” he pledged.

ZANU PF Masvingo Provincial Women’s League Chairperson, Cde Aliginia Mhlanga urged women to take up empowerment projects being rolled out by the ruling party.

“Next week, we are going to be training women to do various projects which include baking, weaving and sewing. I’m urging the women here to come forward and join because will be training for free,” said Cde Aliginia Mhlanga, ZANU PF Masvingo Provincial Women’s League chairperson.

Government continues to work with the church on developmental issues as it seeks to better livelihoods.