Chunga’s romance with junior football revisited

By Skilder Makona
The brains behind the popular Dynamos Kidznet Project which took the country’s top-flight league by storm, Moses Chunga says the initiative was affected by a number of factors chief among them poor planning.
Former Warriors, Dynamos and Eendracht Aalst midfielder, Moses Chunga who is now in charge of Airforce of Zimbabwe side, Chapungu has opened up on the reason behind the demise of the popular Kidznet project at Dembare.
Chunga who has a passion for grassroots football development says poor planning by the Glamour Boys leadership led to the collapse of his popular “Kidznet Project” which gave young players an early opportunity to shine.
Bambo, as Chunga is affectionately known, says his vision was to see these youngsters scale to dizzy heights but the system frustrated his plans.
“There is always a challenge when you don’t share the same vision. If you have a plan you know if plan A fails, you will resort to plan B or C but that didn’t happen. The problem we have as Zimbabweans is we are good at planning but implantation is a major problem. If one is good at something you have to appreciate him rather than pull them down,” he said.
Chunga, however, said he’s not done yet as he is set to replicate a similar project at Chapungu once the 2020 premier soccer league season gets underway.
“When I signed for Chapungu I went around the schools in Gweru and we are in the process of rekindling the same spirit of churning out youngsters. I believe a vibrant junior development league will steer the growth and development of football in Zimbabwe because junior policies bring about continuity,” he said.
The project was named after the then-popular ZBC flagship children’s programming unit Kidznet, with the team being made up of young players who took the local league by storm among them Norman Maroto, Cephas Chimedza, Eddie Mashiri, Samson Choruwa, Leo Kurauzvione, Elliot Matsika and Nyasha Chazika