‘Chitungwiza; the home of artistes’

By Colette Musanyera

CHITUNGWIZA has produced numerous artistes from various genres who have left footprints on the local arts sector with the dormitory town being dubbed the home of artists.

Just like Hollywood, a district in Los Angeles, USA, is prominent for producing great movie stars; Zimbabwe’s Chitungwiza is renowned for being home to big music stars.

Most sungura artists who have scaled the local entertainment industry to astronomical heights emerged from Chitungwiza, also known as Chi-town or Musha Mukuru.

These include Alick Macheso, the late greats Leonard Dembo, Cde Chinx, Cephas Mashakada, Mr Bulk of the Mujinga Regomo fame and System Tazvida.

Most of these artistes went through the able hands of Senior Lecturer Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah who might have an explanation to why Chitungwiza is home to so many successful artistes.

“When we ventured into music, Chitungwiza was a sprawling town which resulted in so many people buying stands there. I started Khiama Boys in 1984 and a lot of aspiring musicians came to me for mentorship which then produced a lot of talent which include System Tazvida,” he said.

Not to be outdone is the late John Chibadura who represented the town so well with his lyrical prowess which earned him the moniker Mr Chitungwiza.

Besides the yesteryear music legends, Chi-town has also produced youthful talent including Lady Squanda who has also managed to make a name for herself.

Whether it is the case of ‘You become what you see’, whereby one draws inspiration from his surroundings, or there is another explanation to the phenomenon, Chitungwiza has proven to be a breeding ground for Zimbabwean talent.