Chitungwiza residents complain of dirty drinking water

By ZBC Reporter
CHITUNGWIZA residents are infuriated as they are accusing the local authority of failing to provide clean water.
They claim the water that they are receiving from the local authority, the Chitungwiza Town Council (CTC) is dirty water as it is maggot and worm-infested and this exposes them to a number of health-related risks.
The residents are angered by the fact that on top of going for longer periods without water. When the water does come out of the tap, it is brownish in colour and infested with germs. The worms that some residents claim to have found in the water were identified as Maggots, a soft-bodied legless larva of a fly or other insect, found in decaying matter.
“Most areas here in Chitungwiza have not received water for over a year, Zengeza is one of the few areas where if we are lucky enough water does come out of the tap every fortnight. The water is brownish in colour we cannot even drink it,” said a resident, Perpetual Chuma (30).
Another resident, Charline Chakwamba said the problem is not new.
“We have been experiencing water challenges for a long time. We have had instances of some people in the area falling sick because of the dirty water that is coming out from the tap,” said Chakwamba.
“Most of us are unemployed we cannot afford to be constantly buying water, those who have wells or boreholes are making a killing. A bucket of water is going for ZWL2, so in some instances, we are forced to consume or use the dirty water,” added another resident Victor Nyatsimba.
However, the Chitungwiza Acting Town Clerk, Tonderai Kasu refuted claims made by residents highlighting the water is not contaminated because as a council they have a health department which run weekly and monthly laboratory tests on the water.
“We have a health department as a council here, the department does weekly and monthly laboratory checks of the water,” he said.