Chitungwiza dumpsite – victim tells a painful story

By Abigirl Tembo, Features Editor

Over the years the Chitungwiza Municipal dumpsite has claimed lives, with people being burnt by suspected chemicals and hot ashes. One of its victims Nyasha Govha is still admitted in the hospital, ten months after his unfortunate incident.

12-year-old Nyasha Govha lies on a hospital bed with pain all over his face. He is nursing wounds he sustained when he was burnt by suspected chemicals and hot ashes at the Chitungwiza municipality dumpsite on the 12th of August 2019.

“I had gone to visit my sister so on our way back we decided to use a short cut. I stepped on some ashes then I started feeling some burning sensations and could not move away as I started sinking into the ground. I managed to pull myself out using my hands but they also got burnt. I am in pain.”

His mother Patience Sande has for the past 10 months been staying with him at the hospital. She speaks of a very long and painful journey.

“It’s very painful to watch him struggle every day as a mother my heart breaks every day. I had to leave my job so that I can take care of him.”

A visit to the dumpsite which also claimed the life of another twelve-year-old Voster Wenhamo in October of 2019 showed that the local authority has up to now not fenced the area.

“Many people have lost their lives here while some people have been injured, they should fence the area or deposit the ashes elsewhere,” said one resident.

The Chitungwiza local authority said plans are underway to secure the area.

“We are in the process of fencing the area. We have called for tenders and on the issue of compensation we are waiting for a council resolution,” said Lovemore Meya, the Chitungwiza Council spokesperson.

After 10 months in hospital, Nyasha only has one wish that is to go home while his parents ponder on where to get money for the hospital bills and the antibiotic and antiseptic medications.

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