Chitungwiza Council accused of profiteering from sewage problems

By ZBC Reporter
THE chaotic manner in which the Chitungwiza Town Council is handling affairs has been exposed with residents accusing town council employees of profiteering from perennial sewage problems in the town by demanding bribes.
Raw sewage flowing on the streets of Chitungwiza has become a permanent feature with almost every household now having a pick and shovel to deal with raw effluent freely flowing on the streets and through their backyards.
What is even more shocking are accusations that the local authority is turning a blind eye while its employees are demanding bribes to fix the problem.
“We are tired of the sewer, we pay our bills to council yet they do nothing for us, for how long are we supposed to live like this, this is a health time bomb,” a resident said.
Zengeza 3 is one such area where the local authority is being accused of allocating stands along the main sewer pipes resulting in perennial sewage problems.
“As you can see this is the main sewer line but houses are being built on top and this has created a mess, sewerage is now flowing everywhere,” a distraught resident said.
Contacted for comment Chitungwiza Acting Town Clerk, Dr. Tonderai Kasu said the issue of bribes has not been brought to their attention but promised to investigate the matter.
Recently, an audit at the council exposed the rot and penchant for luxury at the cash-strapped Chitungwiza Municipality where “undeserving” managers got two annual holiday trips to a regional destination of choice at the expense of ratepayers.
The audit covering the period 2013 to October 2019 and instituted by the council reveals that managers were entitled to a residential stand in a suburb of choice in Harare, as well as a commercial and an industrial stand in Chitungwiza at half price.
Besides top-notch vehicles, the bosses also paid full school fees for at least six children of their relatives while they were enjoying the same benefit for their own minor dependents.