Chirumanzu community hails government for development initiative

BY Tafara Chikumira

Vice President Cde Kembo Mohadi has commissioned the Nyamatikiti bridge in Chirumhanzu, in a landmark development that will improve the connectivity of Charandura business centre and surrounding areas.

The commissioned bridge provides a link between Chaka business centre and the town of Mashava via Charandura growth point.

Commissioning the bridge, Vice President, Cde Kembo Mohadi said the infrastructure will improve economic activity in the area in line with the thrust of the second republic.

“The construction of this bridge enhances accessibility to centres of economic, social and recreational importance in rural areas in line with Vision2030 that seeks to increase the capacity of existing roads and expansion of road networks.”

“As you might be aware, Zimbabwe is an agro-based economy. The bridge will help farmers in this area to ferry their farm produce to Charandura. The new dispensation is anchored on development and the President always speaks development and this is what he really means.”

The political leadership in the area commended government for honouring the pledge to put the needs of the people first.

“Your coming here hon Vice President shows your willingness to improve the livelihood of communities. You have given us more strength to help in the alleviation of people’s plight,” said Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Senator Larry Mavhima.

National Assembly member for Chirumhanzu South Honourable Barbra Rwodzi said, “We feel we have scored huge though the construction of this bridge. We are happy that apart from the community benefiting from the creation of jobs in this area, we have been left a better people. We now request that this dust road which connects Chaka and Charandura be tarred for improved economic activities in our area.”

Nyamatikiti bridge was constructed at a total cost of 615 thousand 551 Zimbabwean dollars and was funded by the Ministry of Finance through the public sector investment programme while the local community provided labour.

Meanwhile, the people of Chirumanzu have commended government for considering their plight following the commissioning of Nyamatikiti Bridge this Friday.

“We are very grateful to the government for this development. We used to find it difficult to cross to the other side. Pregnant women were the most affected. As a nurse, I am surely grateful as we used to face difficulties in taking patients to the nearest hospital.”

“I have witnessed several pregnant women giving birth on this river. School children were some of the most affected. They could not attend lessons for days especially during the rainy season.”