Chiredzi: Constituency Development Fund supports schools infrastructure

By ZBC Reporter

ACCESS to education is set to improve in Chiredzi after Constituency Development Funds were channeled towards the construction of classroom blocks at various schools in the area.

The latest development comes at a time when school children from areas such as Mapikule and Musengi are walking a distance of more than 10 kilometers to the nearest learning institution.

This , however, is expected to change with the construction of classroom blocks at Musengi and Chehondo set to go a long way in decongesting Chibwedziva Primary School and bring relief to the local community.

There are so many students at Chibwedziva primary. Teachers do not have adequate accommodation as well. The schools, which are being constructed in Musengi and Mapikule will bring relief to the young students who are in Grade 1 and ECD who are not able to walk long distances, said community member Mr Giyani.

Local Headman Mr Masivamele highlighted that the project is expected to reduce child marriages in the area as children were dropping out of school due to long distances.

The school is far from here. Children walk 15 km to Chibwedziva and some children end up dropping out of school to get married. Some go to South Africa.We are also are trying to decongest Chibwedziva Primary School. That is why there are plans to construct other schools so that the students’ numbers at Chibwedziva normalise, he said.

Chiredzi East Legislator Honourable Danford Masiya highlighted that they have prioritised improving access to education in line with Vision 2030.

 We want to build three more schools from that school were children walk more than 10kms to. We have Chehondo Primary School which is now operational but still under construction.   We also have Mapikule Primary School which we are currently constructing, the school is expected to accommodate at least 400 pupils, then we have Musengi Primary school. Walking long distances to school makes children dropout from school at a very young age,noted Masiya.

Government allocated 420 million Zimbabwe Dollars to the Constituency Development Fund in the 2021 national budget which translates to 2 million Zimbabwe Dollars per constituency.

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