CHIPINGE: Residents outcry over poor service delivery

By ZBC Reporter
RESIDENTS of Chipinge are up in arms with the local authority over poor service delivery with the majority expressing disappointment over the manner in which the MDC run town council is operating.
Chipinge town as residents are now threatening to boycott paying rates until the council lives up to expectations.
On one of the in-line roads in the town’s Gaza high-density suburb, heaps of sand and deep potholes are common features.
Residents say some of the roads have not been attended to for close to five years a situation which was compounded by Cyclone Idai which destroyed infrastructure in the town and other parts of Manicaland province.
“Road has not been maintained for five years yet we are paying rates every month,” one resident expressed his disappointment.
“The town council keeps pushing us to pay rates because we are not getting any service delivery, refuse is not being collected and we rarely receive water,” said another resident.

However, Chipinge Town Council Chairperson, Zivanai Nyakuchena has instead shifted the blame to residents accusing them of not paying rates which fund such projects.
“As a council, we are doing our best to deliver service to our clients but it is hard to do so when residents are not playing their part, we have plans to maintain our roads but whenever it rains it’s a challenge given the terrain we are in,” said Nyakuchena.
Meanwhile, the Chipinge Town Community Association, a residents lobby group has since petitioned the council demanding improved service delivery and an end to corruption.