Chipinge farmers welcome review of grain producer price

By Tamuka Charakupa

FARMERS in Chipinge have welcomed the review of the grain producer price in line with prevailing economic conditions.

The recent upward review of the maize producer price from ZWL$32 000 Zimbabwe dollars to ZWL$75 000 has been met with optimism among farmers in Chipinge, who are convinced that the move will do away with side marketing.

“The price announced by government is fair enough at the moment, but factoring in the parallel exchange rate the figure should be reviewed especially when we finally deliver our grain.”

Another noted, “I think the announced producer price is not bad, it motivates farmers against side marketing.”

“Here in Chipinge we always have low temperatures which means we take may not deliver our grains early so we will be affected but at the moment this is a welcome development,” added another.

Chipinge District Agritex Officer Mr Tapuwanashe Chagwesha disclosed that the district achieved its set target of planting 40 thousand hectares in the summer cropping season but yield was affected by the prolonged dry spell.

“We had a target of planting about 40 000 hectares of maize this season which we surpassed, but we encountered a prolonged dry spell which affected our tonnage,” he said.

Mr Chagwesha also confirmed that government has availed inputs for wheat production, with preparations for planting now at an advanced stage.

“Government has availed Pfumvudza inputs for winter maize and winter wheat for our farmers in the Middle Sabi region, so beginning next week farmers will be planting,” he said.

Government’s constant review of the grain producer price has been hailed as key for planning purposes with the main goal being to ensure food security at national level.