Chipinge farmers expect bumper wheat harvest

By ZBC News Reporter

Wheat farmers in Chipinge are expecting a bumper harvest in the wake of continued government support.

Chipinge is known for horticulture and production of macadamia, among other cash crops but farmers have not neglected strategic grains like maize and wheat.

A visit to some farms in the district showed that the wheat crop is thriving and farmers are grateful for continued government support towards increased productivity.

A1 farmer Memory Muzama said, “We want to thank the government for a Presidential wheat scheme as this is a success story in our area of region one and we want to encourage other farmers in the area to follow suit.”

Another farmer, Jefry Joseph Chonai noted, “The government’s programme has empowered us as the youths. I want to urge other youths to shun drug abuse and venture into farming since it a lucrative source of income.”

The situation is even encouraging at Taguta Farm, which has been religious in producing a huge tonnage of wheat and maize.

Said A2 farmer, Oscar Taguta, “As compared to other past years this year wheat farming is a success story.”

For young farmers, investments into modern technology is key towards increased production.

“As young farmers we want to urge each other in use of modern farming technologies like the use of centre pivot as compared to lateral irrigation,” said A2 farmer, Price Masamvu.

With most of the wheat now at tillering stage, farmers have been urged to immediately report any quelea birds outbreak before the situation goes out of hand.