Chipangai hot springs- Chipinge’s potential tourist attraction

BY ZBC Reporter

THE people of Chipinge have called on potential investors to come on board and help revive Chipangai hot springs, a potential income-generating project and tourist attraction in the area.

Chipinge district has been described as a sleeping giant at a time when the area is failing to take advantage of available economic opportunities in the tourism industry.

Chipinge residents described Chipangai hot springs as a natural feature which is now in a state of neglect.

“I think this area has the potential to generate income for this community because the facilities to support the hot springs are there. If we could have an investor to revive this facility it can be a big thing for us.”

Some residents have even turned the wonder feature into a laundry site which is quite disturbing for what is supposed to be a sacred place.

“We grew up being told that this area is sacred. It is said that strange things happen at night and when whites attempted to revive this site everything would fall apart thus why this area is what it is today.”

“We are now using this feature for our domestic use because of water challenges in our area. We don’t know what happened here before we were born but we grew up knowing that this is a sacred site.”

Chipangai hot springs are one of the many tourist sites in Chipinge district that have the potential to attract domestic and international tourists if the supporting infrastructure is spruced up.