CHINHOYI: Missing baby mystery deepens

By Regis Mhako
The baby allegedly stolen in the absence of her mother in Chinhoyi last month is yet to be found amid startling revelations that some people claim to know the whereabouts of the baby.
It is said three people, among them two women allegedly approached the mother of the stolen baby hours after the story was aired on ZBC TV indicating that they knew where the baby was.
As they were about to embark on a journey to the place where the stolen baby was, the would be helpers allegedly chickened out, probably afraid of being arrested.
The missing child’s mother and her friends say the three indicated the baby was in a toilet at a nearby shopping centre.
“Pakabuda nyaya iya pa TV pane vanhu vakauya pano vachiti handei munotora mwana wenyu kana mune Simba rekufamba nekuti arikure. Mwana wacho aiva namai ava akabva atanga kuti amai hatizosungwa here. Pedzezvo vakabva vazoti mwana wenyu ari mutoilet pa mashops asi haana kuwanikwa, (After the kidnapping was aired on TV, some people came and told me to come get my baby who they said is far. A child who was with the woman then warned the mother that she would be arrested, then they later said the baby was in the toilet at nearby shops but we never found the baby), said Ms Vicky Nyanhete, the mother of the missing baby.
“We have tried to seek help from about 15 prophets and four n’angas and most of them tell us the baby is still alive. But they all need money before they can help us so we are in a fix. Some need forty USD, and one from Banket who promised us that the baby will be brought back by the person who is taking custody of her needs 70 USD,” said Ms Raidah Kashamba, a friend.
Police are still investigating the matter. The two month old baby went missing last month in Chinhoyi’s Ruvimbo area.
The incident occurred at around one am, an hour after the mother had escorted a visitor.
According to Assistant Commissioner Nyathi, upon returning home, the baby’s mother was told by her two minor siblings that an unidentified man had forcibly entered the house and made off with the baby.

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