Chinese delegation praises Zim health workers

Frontline health care workers have received due recognition for their role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic from the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe.

The Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe had a first-hand experience of the role played by frontline health care workers after visiting Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals COVID-19 treatment centre this Thursday.

A sister who works at the centre, Brenda Mawere, explained some of their success stories and challenges.

“We went to the red zone area on a voluntary basis. We would do shifts and would go into isolation. We found out that most patients with Covid-19 had other co-morbidities. We got support from the hospital in terms of accommodation and other resources,” she said.

Chairperson and Publicity Secretary of the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises, Shanel Liu had nothing but praise for the health care workers, having been impressed by their unquestionable commitment.

Said Liu, “It is important to recognise the very big role that our health care frontline workers are facing.AS China we wish to extend our appreciation to health care staff for their heroic efforts during this crisis.”

The visit by the Chinese nationals comes after their country donated Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines to Zimbabwe.

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