China, Russia deplore western sanctions

By Oleen Ndori

CHINESE President Xi Jinping has slammed United States and European Union sanctions against Russia emphasising that Western powers are “weaponising” the world economy to hurt people around the globe.

Speaking at the BRICS Business Forum in China this Thursday, President Xi referenced the apparent backlash anti-Russia pressure has on the nations imposing it, describing sanctions as boomerangs and double-edged swords.

Facing the turmoil and instability in the world, we should keep firmly in mind the original aspiration of the UN Charter, as well as our mission to promote peace,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also addressed the forum, with his message centred on the global nature of the current political issues, like the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing economic crises.

The transnational nature of challenges and threats requires joint responses, they must be responded to in cooperation and based on honest partnership,” said President Putin.

According to President Putin, the root causes of the economic downturn in much of the world lies in Western countries, which continue to shovel their own mistakes in macroeconomics onto the world.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke on the need for the globe to seek peaceful resolution of disputes for the sake of development.

Our combined economic strength should be a catalyst for sustainable global economic recovery. In line with our foreign policy principles, South Africa continues to call for dialogue and negotiation towards a peaceful resolution of conflicts around the world.

“We are concerned that the focus and resources of the international community have been diverted from other concerning conflicts and humanitarian crises. Urgent global issues like climate change and sustainable development are not being effectively attended to. Decision-making across the entire United Nations system needs to be democratised,” he said.

BRICS is an economic grouping comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which are seeking to leverage on cooperation to spur economic growth of their economies.