China finds new evidence regarding US labs in Ukraine alarming

TASS-UNITED NATIONS-The latest evidence Russia has made public concerning US biolaboratories in Ukraine looks alarming and must be investigated, China’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Dai Bing, said at the Russia-initiated meeting of the UN Security Council on the issue of clandestine US research activities on the Ukrainian territory.

“China finds worrisome the latest evidence regarding biological activity Russia has made public. The point at issue is international security,” he said. “Any activity in the field of military research, including the evidence Russia has provided should cause the international community’s great alarm. China is calling upon the parties concerned to display responsibility and to timely react and make proper checks in order to dispel doubts.”

“We welcome the assessment of the documents Russia presented within the framework of the convention (convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons – TASS),” the diplomat said.

The chief of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, Igor Kirillov, said that Ukraine had become a test site for the Western countries in developing biological weapons’ components and testing new samples of medical drugs. He said that the leaders of the United States’ Democratic Party were the ideologists of the US military-biological activity in Ukraine and that involved in the research were “major pharmacological companies, such as Pfizer, Moderna and Merk and also the Gilead company, affiliated with the US Department of Defence.

Kirillov said that Mariupol had been used as a regional center for collecting and certifying the pathogen of cholera during research conducted at Ukrainian biolaboratories. There is evidence such work was carried out with pathogens of tularemia and anthrax.