China calls for removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe

By ZBC Reporter
THE visiting Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang YI says unilateral sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by some countries and organisations have no basis under the international law while reiterating the need for their removal.
The Chinese minister who is concluding his Africa visit in Zimbabwe said this after a bilateral meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister Retired Lieutenant General Sibusiso Moyo, cabinet ministers, permanent secretaries, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Dr John Mangudya and senior government officials.
Briefing journalists after a closed-door meeting, Chinese foreign minister said the visit has been fruitful as it gives an opportunity for both countries to deepen areas of cooperation.
“The unilateral sanctions imposed by some countries and organisations on Zimbabwe have no basis under the international law, we call for the removal of sanctions,” he said.
He said the meeting enabled the two nations to reach important agreements in infrastructure, agriculture and mining with an option to explore new opportunities.
“We have reached three important agreements. There is an unbreakable friendship between China and Zimbabwe. We are prepared to be always good friends and partners with Zimbabwe. China and Zimbabwe enjoy broad prospects in the economic growth matrix of the two nations,” he said.
Foreign Affairs Minister Retired Lieutenant General Sibusiso Moyo said the bilateral platform discussed numerous issues ranging from economic, political and cultural among others.
“The meeting has been successful and we are looking forward to carry the relationship forward. There are a number of key projects which were completed and a number of them are in progress which exemplifies the utilisation of opportunities being identified on the cooperation between China and Zimbabwe,” he said.
Retired Lieutenant General Moyo also reiterated that China has assisted Zimbabwe without any interference in the internal affairs of all African nations adding that the threats which Zimbabwe faces in the form of climate change have also been discussed.
“China wants soyabeans, horticulture, beef and all other different products such as avocados and citrus fruits. With the most local companies facing the impediments of capital, we have discussed possibilities of reverse integration. We can expand our agriculture based on that because the opportunities are there,” he said.