Chimanimani community radio preps to launch on course

By Tamuka Charakupa

THE government says it is impressed with Chimanimani Community Radio station’s state of preparedness ahead of its official launch.

Enthusiastic Ngangu-based aspiring radio presenter Learnmore Manditozva is confident that the successful launch of the Chimanimani Community Radio station will open up opportunities for him and the community at large.

This Friday, officials from the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, who visited the radio station to assess its preparedness, were met with optimism from local stakeholders who say the platform will give voice to the local community and drive development.

“As a district, we are ready to host the Universal Access to Information Day as promised by the ministry. We are happy with this visit as a district we are happy to face the task ahead.”

“We are so grateful for this opportunity because it will open up opportunity avenues for us as a community given the challenges we face in the district.”

“We are ready to go on air and this visit by the ministry is an assurance that we are a step in the right direction.”

Chief Director in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Jonathan Gandari said the government remains committed to opening up the airwaves.

“We have often been blamed as not willing to issue out licences but as the Second Republic, we are going to ensure that all voices are heard and this visit is testimony towards that commitment.”

The ministry also hinted Chimanimani Community Radio will play host to the Universal Access to Information Day scheduled for the 27th of this month following its impressive state of preparedness to go on air.

The government recently issued six community radio and television licences as part of efforts to decentralise access to information countrywide.

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