Children the worst affected in divorce cases

By Yolanda Moyo

STAKEHOLDERS in Bulawayo have expressed concern over the increase in divorce cases which are affecting children and societal well-being.

Between January and June this year, the Bulawayo High Court recorded a total of 357 divorce cases, statistics which have not come as a surprise to stakeholders in the city, who believe marriage is no longer regarded as a sacred union.

Those who spoke to ZBC News noted the spilling effects of divorce on children. 

“The trauma children go through during divorce affects them and has long lasting adverse effects on the child and society as a whole. Children are committing suicide and engaging in drugs to find comfort. Some of the children are affected emotionally and mentally and these are people we expect to be leaders in the next generation. This means that society in the future is not in safe hands, the family is regarded as nothing,” said
Archbishop Alex Thomas.

“Children are growing up with anger from their families and taking the anger into marriage and this is a disaster on its own. The anger is further taken into the next generation, the cycle goes on and family as an institution is dismantled,” noted a marriage counselor, Mrs Nomathemba Ngoma.

Mrs Ngoma also noted the high rate of divorce as threatening the family as a societal institution.

“Family as an institution is being threatened by the rate of divorce cases. People will no longer see the value of a family in society in the near future and this disrupts the function of society. The Bible says there will come a time when two people will stop loving each other and the effects from this will affect not only them, but the society,” she added.

“In the past, people used to divorce but not at this rate. The family set up is no longer valued. Both parties lack respect for each other. Such a thing definitely won’t last. There is a need to bring society together and map a way of how divorce can be reduced. Family as an institution is being destroyed and the effects will be felt by the part of the society,” said Gogo MaNcube, a traditionalist.

Issues such as lack of morals, financial challenges and domestic violence have been blamed for fueling divorce cases.