Children get free eye treatment on Day of the African Child

By Patience Nyagato

THE Day of the African Child came with glad tidings for more than 70 children who benefited from a free eye treatment programme in Harare this Thursday.

Gogo Nyamuzinga was losing hope of ever getting help for her grandson who had eye and vision problems.

Without a clear understanding of the root cause, the problem was weighing down on his education and development as a child.

However, hope has been restored after her grandson was part of 74 children who benefitted from a free eye treatment programme in Harare this Thursday.

“At school the child could not see. Everything would be blurry and the teacher noticed and moved the child to sit in front. Am grateful for this programme as it has helped my grandchild with spectacles,” said Gogo Nyamuzinga.

Miracle Mission Trust, which is spearheading the programme with the assistance of local Doctors said the free camp was part of an effort to make a difference on the Day of the African Child.

“Today we are celebrating the Day of the African Child and we partnered some Doctors. We managed to get donations so we have a screening process. Those that require medication will get medication and those that require spectacles will get spectacles all for free. We were targeting to receive 200 children but we have managed to save 74 children as of now,” said Courtney Rundofa, Miracle Mission Trust Programs Coordinator.

The programme was also a short in the arm for vulnerable communities.

“I am so happy that my children benefitted. I have a number of children that required eye treatment from our home so I am really delighted and our hope for these kids has been restored,” said Angela Maringa- Mama Angela Trust Founder.

Beneficiaries of the programme were drawn from suburbs such as Hatcliffe, while others came from Murehwa District.