Child labour cause for concern in Chiredzi

By Gay Matambo

GOVERNMENT has stepped up efforts to curtail the exploitation of children through employment, with the Parliamentary Thematic Committee on Human Rights assessing the magnitude of child labour in various communities across the country.

The Thematic committee was in Chiredzi this Wednesday, where members of the community highlighted some of the reasons behind the exploitation of children through employment which include lack of access to basic education.

“Sometimes, those children who stay with their grandparents end up seeking employment at farms surrounding us because their grandparents are not fit enough to fend for them so they are forced by the situation to look for employment,” said a community member.

“Child labour is a vice in our society which should be dealt with because by exploiting these children through employment then already we have destroyed his or her future because at that time when he or she is working some will be at school,” added another concerned member.

The Chairperson of the Thematic Committee on Human Rights, Senator Sydney Sekeramayi gave an insight into their mandate which includes coming up with a comprehensive report which will be presented to Senate.

“Issues to do with human rights are some of the issues we are following up and child labour is one of the issues which is quite acute. We want to find out what people are saying about it and what should be done to correct it,” said Senator Sekeramayi.

The committee which has also been to Binga and Bulawayo is set to visit all the country’s 10 provinces.