Chegutu RDC benefits from devolution

By Regis Mhako

THE government’s devolution programme is playing a pivotal role in enhancing access to health care facilities in Chegutu Rural with three clinics being constructed in the District.

Fiscal disbursements under the devolution programme have seen Chegutu rural district council prioritising community-initiated health infrastructure development.

Danangwe Clinic in Chegutu East is now operational, while reconstruction of Brunswick clinic in Chegutu West along the Chegutu – Kadoma highway is nearing completion, much to the excitement of benefitting communities.

“We came to settle here under the fast track resettlement programme all along people were travelling 15kms to the nearest clinic, the catchment area has around 5 000 people who are benefiting from the clinic and it is a community initiative but after waiting, we appreciate the devolution funding, we have managed to complete the clinic and construct staff houses,” said a villager.

“We treat between 15 to 30 people per day, we offer services to opportunistic infectious diseases, outpatient department
services, we also offer vaccines for children and also COVID-19 vaccines, we are however in need of a mother’s waiting shelter because some of our patients come from distant places,” said Shylet Nyandoro, the Sister in Charge at Danangwe Clinic.

Katawa clinic along with the Selous – Turf highway is another health facility under construction with Chegutu Rural District Chief Executive Officer, Admire Machingura noting how the devolution programme has transformed the local authority’s operations.

“We got $60 million devolution funds last year and we purchased capital machinery and the remainder we put on clinics, we are very grateful to government we target mainly high impact projects, we did three clinics including Danangwe Clinic with the assistance of the community and the Zimbabwe National Army for those with the chronic ailments who are now receiving service,” said Admire Machingura, Chegutu Rural District CEO.

The local authority will this year receive $397 million as the government continues to fulfil its constitutional mandate to advance community-driven development.