Chamisa’s ineptitude exposed

By ZBC Reporter

Political analysts have poured scorn on recent negative statements by MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa on the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination programme saying it exposes his ineptitude with regards to national issues.

The MDC Alliance Leader once again showed his lack of grasp of basic national issues after misleading audiences during a recent interview in Zambia where he accused the Zimbabwean government of relying on donated Covid-19 vaccines.

Chamisa’s utterances come after the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank commended the Second Republic’s vaccination programme and the country’s Covid-19 response strategy.

Political analyst Gibson Nyikadzino says the statements show a current affairs knowledge gap within the political outfit as government is on record for having set aside 100 million United States dollars to acquire more vaccines.

It would be tragic for Zimbabwe to have a presidency that has Nelson Chamisa in its quarters. There are three things he is failing to understand. The vaccination drive by Zimbabwe is among the best in Africa and the region. He is not appreciating that even if there are vaccine donations, States survive on interdependence in global relations. He is in a conspiracy mode in which he is thinking about Cold War mentality politics in view of the biological warfare mentality while the world is fighting a pandemic from all ends,” said Nyikadzino.

Commenting on the same issue another Political Analyst Dr Tawanda Zinyama noted that MDC Alliance has perfected the habit of showing its political discomfort by criticising every government move.

Those utterances are very unfortunate as they are coming from a person who thinks is an alternative government, he doesn’t understand statecraft. Having a government which is being commended the world over on the vaccination programme, and one of its own is not seeing that. I am not surprised because the MDC Alliance is in the habit of criticising for the sake of criticising which is denting its credibility to the citizens, region and the world at large. Chamisa needs someone who teaches him international relations, how it works. We are a global village, Zimbabwe will also donate vaccines to Namibia as a way of consolidating bilateral relationship, he said.

Statistics from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development show that 93,2 million United States dollars has been spent on procurement of vaccines.

Government has paid for 6,2 million doses of Sinovac vaccines, five million doses of Sinopharm, with 500 thousand having been donated by Sinopharm.

The Indian and Russian governments have donated 35 thousand Covaxine and 50 thousand Sputnik V doses.