Chamisa slammed for his utterances on Mbuya Nehanda statue

By ZBC Reporter
MDC ALLIANCE leader, Nelson Chamisa has come under fire for demeaning the memorial statue for the country’s First Chimurenga heroine, Mbuya Nehanda.

Nelson Chamisa attacked the government’s move to erect a statue of Mbuya Nehanda in Harare during an e-rally he held this Sunday.

Zanu PF Director for Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi had no kind words for Chamisa for what he described as a disgraceful demeaning of the country’s heroes and heroines.

“By virtue of disrespecting our founding heroes like Mbuya Nehanda, Chamisa has demonstrated a high level of immaturity, and his true colours that the MDC Alliance worships their western masters who imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe. His utterances demeaning the dead are nonsensical and rendered him a nonentity who lacks qualities of a leader,” he said.

Renowned legal practitioner, Advocate Obert Gutu says by attacking the dead, Chamisa has stooped so low.

“Such sentiments which Chamisa made have no place in our African culture, even in all progressive countries internationally, leaders there respect their founding heroes and statue of heroes are worldwide be it in Russia, USA, among others. So it is shocking and disrespectful of Chamisa uttering that, we know in our Zimbabwean culture that is the norm that “Wafa Anaka” so it is disturbing to have Chamisa misfiring like that, this should be condemned with the seriousness it deserves,” added advocate Gutu.”

Turning to Chamisa`s threat to mobilise his supporters into the streets, progressive Zimbabweans were urged to ignore such calls that are meant to cause anarchy in the country.

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