Chamisa lacks qualities of a president; Analysts

By Tendai Munengwa

ANALYSTS say the continued threats to unleash violence by opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa depict the true colours of the rebel leader who should never be trusted to lead the country.

This comes after Chamisa threatened to use force to topple a constitutionally elected government during the launch of his political party’s by-elections campaign in Harare this Sunday where he also incited teachers to strike.

Chamisa has on many occasions got away with attempted murder, at least in as far as the use of violence to have his way is concerned.

After Former MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s death, Chamisa grabbed power in a violent way which saw Dr Thokozani Khupe being attacked by thugs.

In true dictatorship style, Chamisa declared himself leader before the late Tsvangirai was buried.

Fast forward to 2022, under the so-called new political outfit, the modus operandi and the main actor are the same as he threatened to unleash violence while inciting teachers to revolt against the government.

His sentiments confirm his links with the House of Lords in Britain who were exposed for working in cahoots with local Teachers’ Unions to destabilise the country.

Social Comentator, Edward Chimedza says Chamisa’s utterances depict the true colours of a violent leader.

“How come Chamisa always complain even before the elections, his behaviour reflects the colours of his nickname ‘Wamba’, who isa rebel leader. But his wayward behaviour should be condemned by all progressive Zimbabweans and the law should always protect innocent citizens from his violent tendencies,” he said.

Speaking at his party’s inaugural rally on Sunday, Chamisa left his supporters with more questions than answers as he preached messages of hate without providing answers to poor service delivery in urban areas under the watch of his councillors.