Census questionnaire ignites debate

By Memory Chamisa
ZIMBABWE National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) has cleared air on the questionnaire being used to collect data during the population and housing census after the public raised concern over its relevance.
The ongoing Population and Housing Census has ignited debate, with most people querying the lengthy questionnaire being used by enumerators.
“Honestly why am I being asked if I have a TV or Radio is that important at all,” said a Harare resident.
“The questions are so many and they need time which we don’t have why ask about my mother’s birth place when I was not even born yet,” said another resident.
However, others are quite clear on the relevance of the census questionnaire.
“The reason why we are being asked these questions is to see if people have access to information hence these TV radio, wifi questions are being asked,” reasoned another resident.
Amid all the confusion ZIMSTAT Director General, Mr Taguma Mahonde has cleared the air giving an insight into the structure of the questionnaire.
“Our questionnaire has several modules. There is a demography module, functionality, immigrations, mortality, education, labour force and housing characteristics this is all to see how as country we are faring as we strive to become a middle income economy by 2030,” said Mr Mahonde.
The housing and population census, is conducted after every 10 years and is meant to inform resource allocation, policy formulation and boundary delimitation exercise ahead of the 2023 general elections.