‘CCC dances to the whims of Western countries’ says analysts

By Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

POLITICAL analysts have criticised the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for proving beyond reasonable doubt that it is a puppet of the West after taking instructions from controversial United Kingdom-based academic Professor Stephen Chan.

This came after CCC hurriedly came up with a shadow cabinet at the behest of Professor Chan.

“The colonial mentality of the West is still with us and this time around it is manifesting through the opposition political parties. It is a clear indication that CCC has extra-territorial control coming from UK, Washington and EU. There is a clear message from Professor Stephen Chan which he wrote on Twitter in capital letters that the West wants to see the shadow government, and what happened immediately after that, CCC responded, said Dr Tawanda Zinyama, a political analyst.

Political analyst, Takudzwa Gambiza weighed in saying last week’s developments are a clear demonstration that regime change agents are taking their instructions from elsewhere adding that the opposition does not represent the interests of locals but foreigners.

“To prove that the opposition political party doesn’t represent the interests of Zimbabweans, citizens have been calling for proper structures without success and Professor Chan’s suggestions were implemented within seconds, so CCC is a Western sponsored grouping,” he said.

Dr Zinyama said the country’s liberation struggle was fought for Zimbabweans to define their own destiny, without undue interference from foreigners.

“There is one thing that Zimbabweans must understand, the liberation struggle that our grandfather’s and mothers fought was meant to get independence, political parties including ZANU PF must understand that the constitution is very clear that the affairs of this country are run by Zimbabweans and no foreigner should advance their interests in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Opposition political parties have always been criticised for being surrogates of the West while their leaders has been exposed for enriching themselves at the expense of their suffering followers.