More men dying from cancer, ignorance & depression

By Fungai Jachi

MEN’s reluctance to adopt a health seeking behaviour has been cited as the major reason why most of them are succumbing to cancer, diabetes and heart conditions.

Men generally have a strong sense of masculine pride while society expects them to endure pain and hardships till their last breath, but contrary to that belief, men are also human and prone to illness.

With June being men’s health month, ZBC News conducted a snap survey in the Harare Central Business District which confirmed that most men are reluctant to seek medical attention until it is too late.

“We are generally people of good health. There is no need for us to visit the hospital. I only visit the hospital when I am very ill, otherwise I never go there,” said a man who spoke to the ZBC News.

“Going for regular check-ups is for women, real men don’t do that.

“We don’t visit the hospital regularly, but these days it’s important because there are now so many diseases.”

Medical experts concur that men should make it a tradition to seek medical care regularly.

“Men should be able to seek medical care regularly because there are a lot of diseases that affect them. It is sad to lose lives because of men who think they are too macho to seek medical attention,” said Dr Johannes Marisa, a medical health expert.

“These days, men come to be screened for prostate cancer but still most men are just reluctant to come for screening. Generally, men need to be encouraged to seek help because most are dying of diseases that can be controlled. The problem with most of them is that most come to seek help too late,” said Pepukai Mabikire a sonographer.

The month of June is dedicated to promoting men’s health, with men being encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles.