Calls to deal with drug peddlers in Epworth

By Patience Nyagato

As the country continues to grapple with drug and substance abuse, the need to deal with drug peddlers who are supplying the illicit drugs to youth has come under the spotlight.

As part of efforts to raise awareness on the detrimental effects of drugs, a local organisation took to the streets of Epworth in Harare engaging young people on the scourge

Isaac Kugarahutsva, Retrievers of Hope Youth Association President said, “It really pains us to see youths lying down under the influence of drugs. After an engagement with parents here, we realised we had a serious problem and decided to partner the ministry and police in trying to find a lasting solution. So, we are talking to youth and people in this area to report anyone who is peddling drugs.”

Residents of Epworth are concerned and noted the need for law enforcement agents to put drug peddlers to book.

“I used to take drugs for a while. However, I realised I was losing my life so I managed to stop using drugs,” a former drug abuser said.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Epworth Community Relations Liason Officer, Sergeant Mariana Davies noted that most crimes in the area are drug abuse related.

“We have realised some of the crime we record are as a result of drug abuse,” she noted.

The country has adopted a National Drug Master Plan aimed at mitigating challenges associated with drug abuse in the country, with government setting an inter-ministerial taskforce to spearhead the fight against the social ill.