Calls for locals to support vulnerable groups intensify

By ZBC Reporter

Vulnerable members of society continue to get the necessary support to cushion them from challenges that have come with the Covid-19 pandemic with Bulawayo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Honourable Judith Ncube taking the lead in mobilising resources in the province.

Sometimes all it takes is compassion and a little helping hand to make a difference in society.

These were the words delivered by the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Bulawayo, Hon Ncube as she mobilised support for people with disabilities and the elderly this Friday.

“For those who came to do this today, thank you for caring. Let us share in love the little we have. If we neglect these members of our society, God will never forgive us.

Under the initiative, a Bulawayo based organization, SPA Community Trust mobilised food supplies for people with disabilities and the elderly.

The goal according to the Trust is to create a home-grown support system for the less privileged and depart from dependency on foreign donors.

“We can do this on our own. We should stop this focus on foreign donors. With our resources, we can and we will do it.

It was all smiles for the recipients as they received the food hampers.

Support for vulnerable groups has become a priority during the Covid-19 era given the challenges that have made it almost impossible for them to fend for themselves.