Copper Cable theft on the rise in Bulawayo

By Lisa Masuku

THE sharp increase in cases of copper cable theft in Bulawayo has plunged most suburbs into darkness with some areas going for several months without electricity.

Some suburbs in the City of Bulawayo have gone for more than five months without electricity in the wake of a surge in copper cable theft which has left residents in distress.

“I stay at Riverside band we have gone for months without electricity because of constant cable theft,” a resident said.

Said another: “Most of our business projects have been brought to a standstill. In fact we have incurred a lot of losses. Some of us sell chickens and of which when there is no electricity I cannot work.”

“No offence but we are even beginning to think that these people who continually steal these cables are people from ZESA. No ordinary person will have the expertise and entail as to when it’s safe to cut these cables. Its experienced people who do this,” another resident added.

Police confirmed the worrying trend.

“As police in Bulawayo we have recorded over 20 cases in connection to copper cable thefts, and only three people have been arrested so far,” Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube said.

The suburbs that have been affected include Sunninghill, Hillside, Ilanda, Parkview, Nkulumane and Njube.