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NDS1 strides to anchor Zimbabwe’s drive towards Vision 2030


Story by Stanley James, Bussiness Editor

ECONOMIC experts believe the gains achieved under the National Development Strategy One (NDS1) economic blueprint have set the tone for continuous positive growth rates.

A post Cabinet media briefing report released this Tuesday shows that despite local and global shocks, the development strategy is making significant strides in socio-economic development.

The report states that notable features such as several infrastructure projects, road rehabilitation, dam construction, irrigation projects, positive real Gross Domestic Product yearly rates, containment of inflationary pressures, and modernization of ports of entries, among others, bear testimony to the progress of the strategy which is now in its third year.

Social amenities such as the construction of health and education facilities also feature as indicators of NDS1 successes.

For economic experts, the NDS1 is on course to achieve its intended objectives.

Pan African Chamber of Commerce board member Mr. Langton Mabhanga said, ‘‘It is now to the relevant  authorities to further scale up the implementation process otherwise so far so good in terms of the overall, progress within the entire NDS1 which is key to socio-economic development.’’

Development economist Mr. Chris Ndlovu noted, ‘‘The projects are there for all to see such that what is needed is that ability to ensure that sustained  growth can continue to be the key driver by the government  through adequate mobilisation of relevant resources.’’

Economist Mr. Persistence Gwanyanya said, ‘‘I am really impressed by the level of progress that has been put in place under the Second Republic in ensuring the success of the NDS1 now it is that time to effectively monitor and evaluate the programme or blueprint to ensure further success.’’

The NDS1 is a five-year economic blueprint initiated by the Second Republic to facilitate the transformation of the nation towards the achievement of an upper-middle-income society by 2030.

Women, youths, vulnerable communities, small to medium enterprises, and ordinary people are some of the main beneficiaries of NDS1.