Business partners government to build health centres in Mberengwa

By Courage Bushe

More than 10 000 villagers from Chaora and Gwavamutangwi areas in Mberengwa South are set to benefit from the construction of two health centres by the local business community.

Walking for more than 20 kilometres to access nearest health facility will be a thing of the past for villagers in Mberengwa South under Chaora and Gwavamutangwi area, as two state-of-the-art health centres are being constructed by the local business community get close to completion.

The centres will benefit more than 10 000 villagers from surrounding communities.

“Our nearest point accessible to health from my area is Chegato, which is more than 15 kilometres and imagine a sick person having to walk such a distance, but however this is a great initiative for us,” a villager said.

Another noted, “We want to thank government development partners we can really see that Vision 2030 is achievable if such kind of development continues.”

Area councillor, Cde Ladios Moyo is confident that the construction of new health facilities in the district will improve access to health services.

“This is a great initiative in our ward as these state-of-the-art clinics will be of paramount importance to our people, hence we also urge other businesspeople to follow suit,” he said.

Spearheading the two development projects in Mberengwa South, Mr Samson Ncube, a local entrepreneur highlighted the importance of complementing government’s development goals.

“If we are to unite as businesspeople in our local communities, Vision 2030 is achievable, because our President always say let’s rally together and develop our nation.”

Quality health care services are among the pillars of an upper middle-class society which Government is working to achieve by the year 2030.